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Coccinè Water&Dirt Stop is a waterproofing agent, created based on state of the art solutions and many years of experience in the production of footwear and clothing cosmetics. A proven formula provides the desired result and provides effective protection. The colourless product is safe for material and surface, when used properly it doesn’t cause discoloration. Systematic use of Cocciné Water&Dirt Stop protects not only against water and dirt, but also extends footwear lifespan and keeps its original colours.


feel free

Using Cocciné Water&Dirt Stop you will feel free in the open air, regardless of the weather!

created for convenience

Comfortable shoes are often sports ones. And sports shoes require proper care. Dedicated to athletes, joggers or simply people who value relaxing and sporty style.

waterproof full of advantages

Cocciné Water&Dirt Stop is a product for protecting sneakers against unwelcome weather conditions.

Regardless of the season and weather conditions, even on a beautiful sunny day, the weather can play tricks and surprise you with an unexpected downpour. In such a situation, the best idea is to put on appropriate footwear in advance and not worry about puddles or mud. However, we know this is not always possible. That is why, using proven solutions and many years of our experience, we have prepared Cocciné WATER&DIRT STOP spray waterproofer. It is an effective and efficient agent which will protect your shoes against weather conditions such as rain, puddles with street dirt or mud.

Dedicated to athletes, joggers or simply people who value relaxing and sporty style, often subject to various external factors. To keep shoes clean and protect them from water, dirt or mud, it is enough to use Cocciné Water&Dirt Stop, which not only helps to maintain the original look of shoes, but also extends their life.

  • Works quickly and effectively
  • Extends footwear lifespan
  • Allows you to keep the original colour
  • Protects against water and dust
  • Easy to use spray
  • Does not block moisture migration outside
  • For sports shoes and sneakers type
  • 250ml capacity is high efficiency and possibility to use many times
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5,0 rating
9 grudnia, 2019

Rewelacyjny, długo chroni przed wodą, nic nie przemaka.



This outstanding whitener restores whiteness
in spots and in a flash. Why buy new shoes
when you can fix the old ones?

Enjoy life and stay fresh! The product, designed
specifically for sports shoes, effectively protects
against unpleasant odours, because it stops
bacteria growth.

Any color, any material - apply the product onto
shoes, which have been wiped with a cloth or
brush, wash and it’s ready! Your uppers like new!


Wet shoes - do you know this pain?
Not nice at all. Therefore, protect them
against moisture and dirt better than ever!
Get to know our leather and textiles waterproof
agent and see how much easier cleaning can be.

Greasy stains on new shoes? Power Cleaner is a
guarantee of effective dirt removal!

White soles tend to lose white? Wipe them with a cloth
soaked in the product and bring back
perfect whiteness!



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