City Comfort

for beginner sportspeople

For fans of relaxing urban style. Designed for the highest comfort and hygiene of feet in sneakers. Soft foam reduces shocks and guarantees comfortable positioning of the foot in a shoe. The filling gives the feeling of integrating the foot with the footwear.


Stabilizes heels

Soft foam works well for sore and sensitive heels. Facilitates walking after heel injuries and reduces the risk of unwanted injury.

Reduces shocks

Frequent and long walking on uneven surfaces causes adverse shocks to the body. The insole effectively minimizes it, reducing foot and leg fatigue.

Wicks moisture away

A dry foot is often a healthy foot. The insole effectively wicks moisture away, which improves the overall condition of the foot and increases the feeling of comfort when walking.

Using insoles has many benefits. They help stabilize the foot in a shoe, increase walking comfort, minimize the risk of injury. Depending on the material and purpose, insoles can have a huge impact on health of not only feet and legs, but also the whole body. In addition, they reduce shocks, minimize fatigue and allow you to travel extra kilometres regardless of ground difficulty.

Selected models of insoles wick away moisture, which not only increases foot hygiene, but also your well-being and comfort throughout the day. Our offer also includes insoles with soft foam, which is beneficial for sore and sensitive heels. There are numerous advantages of using them, and choosing the optimal insole will increase the pleasure of walking and will have a beneficial effect on our health.

  • designed for maximum comfort
  • increases foot hygiene
  • ideal for city and everyday walking
  • stabilizes heels
  • reduces shocks
  • wicks moisture away


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This outstanding whitener restores whiteness
in spots and in a flash. Why buy new shoes
when you can fix the old ones?

Enjoy life and stay fresh! The product, designed
specifically for sports shoes, effectively protects
against unpleasant odours, because it stops
bacteria growth.

Any color, any material - apply the product onto
shoes, which have been wiped with a cloth or
brush, wash and it’s ready! Your uppers like new!


Wet shoes - do you know this pain?
Not nice at all. Therefore, protect them
against moisture and dirt better than ever!
Get to know our leather and textiles waterproof
agent and see how much easier cleaning can be.

Greasy stains on new shoes? Power Cleaner is a
guarantee of effective dirt removal!

White soles tend to lose white? Wipe them with a cloth
soaked in the product and bring back
perfect whiteness!



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